1st Female Scout Camp launched by Olympiacos Melbourne Football Philanthropies

Olympiacos Melbourne Football Philanthropies is pleased to announce the launch of our 1st female scout camp.

Currently seeking 16-17 year old girls and 18-20+ year old young women who are ready to be scouted for an immediate Euro pro contract trial.

Our scout camp also helps females who are on the fringe of:

  1. State to Australian team selection;
  2. NPL to A-League Selection;
  3. Community to NPL league selection.

Prior to the scout camp, Olympiacos Melbourne assesses all players at a free assessment session. This gets you seen by our scout assessors who give you a review and also prepare a profile for our Euro representative to see at the scout camp.

Our scout camp will be supervised by our European representative, Sergey Kundik. Sergey grew up playing in FC Braga (Portugal), that prepared him for his professional European career. From there, he played for Rangers, various professional clubs in Greece until he completed his career in Dubai.

To take part in the upcoming scout camp, book yourself in today by clicking on a Free Assessment Session in our menu, to see if you’re ready to be scouted.


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