2 women depart Melbourne for a chance at a Euro pro Trial invitation

On Saturday 2 September, we witnessed Tiffany Eliadis and Tayla Mure depart to Portugal for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We’d like to wish both of them all the best as they embark on this journey. Both women have been very committed in their love of the game, and have followed through with years of extensive training.

Both Tiffany and Tayla are on their way to Portugal, where they will train at women’s academies for a chance to be identified for a trial.

On news of the launch of the womens scout camp, Tiffany and Tayla showed interest the scouting process, in hope of making it as European professionals. As they were deemed ready to immediately go.

As Olympiacos Melbourne grows, it has now expanded to offering women a chance overseas, helping bridge the gap for them to become overseas professional players.

Olympiacos Melbourne is now open to assisting more girls getting overseas pro Euro trial invitations. With the launch of our scout camp on April 13, we are now open to assessing players and assisting them for this opportunity.

For more information, visit the Olympiacos Melbourne Female Scout Camp Website and book in a free assessment session.

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